Commercial refrigeration service, sales, and maintenance in Sydney

At Chilledrite we can assist in all aspect of refrigeration, with expert advise and on the spot diagnosing and solutions.

Chilledrite can assist in the service and installation of the following equipment:

  • Specialist in Supermarket Refrigeration
  • Restaurants , Bars , Clubs,
  • Food Processing sites
  • Low Temperature Carbon Dioxide Plants (CO2)
  • Freezer rooms
  • Cool rooms
  • Open case refrigeration
  • Deli counters
  • Liquor Coolroom / Displays
  • Ice machines (flake/cube)
  • Custom Wine Cellars
  • Glass door freezers
  • Open case refrigeration
  • Deli counters
  • Cold storage facilities
  • Food Prep areas
  • Bacarach / Danfoss Leak testing
  •  Heavy Compressor replacement equipment (Stair Walkers , Lifting apparatus)

For all enquiries talk to a Chilledrite professional today. Call 02 9451 0088 or email us at